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Why should I perform a regular checkup?

That's easy to answer.  To keep your home in the best possible condition.

A detailed checkup, as shown in the Home Preservation Video,  is just like a visit to the doctor's  office for your medical checkup.  You want to know what's okay and what's not okay.  And you want to take measures to fix things that need fixing before the problems get out of hand.

Finding the problems early helps you to preserve your home.  Preventive maintenance can extend the life of equipment and materials, which generally proves to be less expensive that replacing these components.

How do I perform the home check up?

We provide you with the lists of what to do  and the items that need to be inspected during the home checkup.  The lists also  suggest the best time for performing each inspection.

The Home Maintenance Checklist

Why should I keep records?

Permanent records of maintenance will enhance  the marketing of your home when the time comes  to sell.  We've provided room for you to record each maintenance task you perform in your maintenance manual.  When you are ready to sell your home,  just pull out the manual to show the new owner the special care you've taken to keep the home in top condition.