Non Thermal Image of a window Same window through thermal imaging Thermal image of improperly operating freezer Inner wall plumbing leak through thermal imaging

Building Applications & Forensics for Thermal Imaging

Detecting issues in building forensics by only using conventional inspection methods can be difficult.  Top to Bottom Inspections thermal imaging department will diagnose and monitor buildings internal workings to uncover hidden conditions.  Structural anomalies, heating and cooling costs, internal rodent damage, moisture and mold growth, plumbing or other water issues, even potential electrical problems can be detected.  The cost savings by detecting these problems early provide a safer environment and prolonged life expectancy to the building.

Industry applications include:
Thermal Image of a Moisture instrusion above a window Thermal Image of an insulation leak Thermal image shows missing insulation Thermal image showing missing insulation
Energy Audits
Validate the performance and quality of insulation in properties. Investing in an energy audit and performing repairs found in the audit is extremely cost effective with the ever-increasing heating and cooling costs.
Mold and Moisture Detection
There has been an increased awareness of the danger of molds and there health concerns in all properties. The effect of mold on health is dependent upon the concentration of spores in the immediate area and the allergic reaction to the individual. Potential health problems associated with mold exposure can take the form of allergic reactions or asthma. Top to Bottom’s thermal forensic thermal programs provides building owners and insurance companies to identify the extent of water damage, and, by delivering rapid drying or remediation services, to save in the  building’s restoration cost.
Moisture in Roofing Thermal image showing electrical issue Thermal Image showing electrical overload
Electrical Inspection
Inspect electrical systems for a wide range of problems including loose connections, corroded elements, load imbalance, short circuits to assist in avoiding potential fire damage in the building and increase the building’s power load efficiency.
Roofing Inspection
Evaluating the integrity of roofing systems and reduce the cost of roof maintenance and repair. The amount of retained water in a roofing system can be significant and result in major structural damage to all parts of the roofing structure.